F32 | Spirit of Italy, maestri della piuma
Nella nostra esperienza si concentrano il know-how, la qualità e la serietà che da sempre ci caratterizzano. L’identità di F32 e dei suoi prodotti si concentra sotto un portfolio che raccoglie una lunga eredità di valori unici nel mondo del capospalla. I nostri life motives sono, cambiamento sinonimo di continuità e tradizione diventa innovazione
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F/W -- 15/16
F/W -- 15/16



he brand story of F32 dates back more than 40 years ago. The name derived from Fahrenheit 32, freezing point of water, indicating the versatility of a brand that is able to evolve and change. Everything began in the end of the 60s, when the young and enterprising Italian lawyer Adolfo Marchetti (renamed by the Chinese ‘Laoma’) decided to cross the border of Mao’s China, then was still closed to Western businessmen. The adventure begins in Italy by importing cotton yarn, raw cashmere, bristle boards and goatskin Tibetan kalgan, which will become the hot and famous after skiing with fur outside. In the mid of 70s  Adolfo Marchetti has a great intuition and, was the first that introduce in Italy and in Europe, the down jacket. Was immediately a success! The orders far exceed even the most optimistic forecasts. 


nd so, in 2008  was born  F32; the result of  experience and expertise of modellers, tailors and garment technicians who have dedicated their lives to dress in an elegant, practical and comfortable way the Akira customers for over 40 years. All models are designed in Italy by expert designers. Italian engineers and production managers follow all packaging phases of the leaders, both in Italy and abroad. In a short time the success of F32 allows the distribution of its leaders in over 80 stores in Italy. An unstoppable trend in 2011 has opened its doors to the distribution of the brand in Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain and other European countries.  The 2012 saw the entry of F32 also in the Chinese market, with the opening of retail outlets and exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’An, Qingdao and Wuhan (head office to Akira in China). Over 40 years of experience converge in F32, a guarantee of quality, elegance and practicality.

Styles combine elements of balance between sporty and stylish clothing, fashion details and technical fibers to get a trendy and fashionable result